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“I wanted a settlement, and was going to settle with no help. Not only did Yoni help me with my settlement, but I ended up receiving a way higher settlement with his HELP. This guy is quick, and doesn’t waste time.”


“I got into a car accident last September and the other driver insurance company told me I had the fault and did not want to pay me one cent. I called a few different lawyers, but ended up going with Yoni because he seemed to like his job and know what he was talking about. I was not disappointed. Within one week, the insurance company accepted 50% fault and offered only $10,000. After I went to treatment for a couple months, Yoni filed a lawsuit against the company and very soon after they accepted 100% fault and I ended up getting $45,000 out of it. Thank you so much Yoni I will tell my friends and family to use you if they ever have an accident.”


“Yoni is so professional, reliable, and responsible. He is a “go-getter” and he will always go up and over what is expected to please his clients. He clearly has exceptional skills as a lawyer and he knows how to get stuff done. He is very directive, yet respectful, and he has exemplary social skills that are clearly an asset. I would highly recommend hiring Yoni for resolving your legal conflicts. He is trustworthy and sensitive to others’ needs. I would definitely use Yoni’s services again.”